About Me

I have a problem.

I am addicted to books; mostly romance novels. It doesn't matter if it's paranormal, erotic, contemporary, dark, BDSM, or suspense.  I love them all. 

I've been reading erotica and BDSM books since before FSoG (you know, before it was 'normal').   I love my romance books down & dirty.  Nothing hotter than a sexy love scene.


I am pretty easily entertained.  I almost always read books with HEA's otherwise I'm liable to throw the book against the wall.  I have been known to scream "Are you fucking kidding me!?!?"  Oh, yeah, and I have a potty mouth, probably should've lead with that. 

 photo funny-gif-girl-crying-drinking-wine_zps84eb6243.gifI hate crying when I read, but always manage to get my heart broken...  Oh Nick, just thinking about you makes me wanna cry. 


I'm surrounded by males, even the cat is male.  I drive them all bat shit crazy with my addiction (they just don't get how AWESOME books are). 
"Yeah yeah I'll get to it"... just gotta finish this.....page...chapter.....book. 

My husband considers them all just porn (he skims for the sex scenes). Every now and then gotta throw in a Teen or YA book just to fuck with him.

Go ahead, flip through it for the "good parts."   Love you too Punkin! ❤ 
(Not like he hasn't benefitted from a few creative Authors⚤)

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